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    Rookie of the YearFrom baseball to baking to real estate, Ken Vining is the epitome of a hard-working team player.  His days spent on the mound facing batter after batter taught Ken how to understand and read those who entered his domain.  Calmly he studied them.  He listened.  He watched.  His demeanor calm and patient.  Once he had a feel for who they were and what they are capable of…he made his move.  And when he did, he did it big!Vining Group Realty Fort Mill SC Charlotte NC Realtor

    He has risen all the way to the top and made one dream come true (making it to the big leagues), and now he is applying those same principles in an effort to rise all the way to the top of another (becoming #1 at Keller Williams).

    Ken Vining Don Russ Vining Group Realty
    Ken Vining 2001 Rookie Card

    But first things first…we all have to start somewhere, right?  How about being named the Carolinas Region 2015 Rookie of the Year this past February in New Orleans, La?!?!?!  WOOT!!  We’re so proud of you, Ken!

    As he enters his sophomore year in real estate, Ken has moved away from being an individual agent to heading up a growing group. “I’ve been part of a team since the day I can remember, so this feels like a natural transition.” says, Ken.  He goes on to say, “We had a lot of aha’s while attending Family Reunion this year in New Orleans.  It was time to take some pressure off my shoulders and get the right people in place that we knew would be with us for years to come.  We’re thrilled to have CeCe Hampton as our Director of Operations and Rebecca Cullen as our Lead Buyers Specialist.  Of course, I would be kicked out of the house if I didn’t mention my lovely wife, Kristin Vining.  She has a passion for marketing and photography.  It makes me so happy that she gets to focus and concentrate on what she loves…and she’s so good at it!”Vining Group Realty Fort Mill SC Charlotte NC Realtor

    The philosophies run deep at Vining Group Realty – “boutique feel with a focus on impressive client relations.”  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling cakes, widgets or real estate – we are all in the people business.

    Be sure to check out our reaction the moment we found out he won. Of course we were all screaming – so much that Ken didn’t even hear his name called.  CONGRATS to you, MR. ROY!  What an achievement!!

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