The Vining Group at Keller Williams – How to Buy a Home in your Twenties

    The millennial generation is one of the highest growing markets buying homes these days and we’ve got to give it to them: they are highly educated, tech savvy, and typically know exactly what they want.

    Is there an app for that? 
    This group of buyers usually have done their research on how much home they can afford in the areas they would like to live prior to chatting with us. They are using Apps to do their homework, however, we often find that they are frustrated by the inaccurate data they receive from the app they have downloaded (may rhyme with pillow….). We have a GREAT recommendation for a 100% accurate app that we share with our clients. Click Home Scouting | Best Home Scouting App!! for more info (You’re welcome!)

    There is no excuse for not chatting with a mortgage lender
    It is important to know EXACTLY how much home you can afford. Let us connect you to someone who can educate you on your goal of homeownership. Did you know that the MasterCard you applied for on the first day of Freshman Year may have hurt your credit when you maxed it out to pay for all of your books and you kept a high balance on it? Or when you applied for that Victoria’s Secret card because you could get $50 off on your cute new holiday jammies created some fraudulent activity that dinged your credit score 75 points? Yikes! It is important to have someone take a peek at your credit before even beginning the home search process. You’ll have stronger buying power and save hundreds of dollars with a GREAT credit score. But don’t worry… if your credit is not cream of the crop, we can align you with someone who can help you repair it.

    Homeownership means you may have to get your hands dirty
    Buying a home also means you’re ready to get your hands dirty – both literally and figuratively – in order to maintain your home. Handy work like replacing smoke alarm batteries, maintaining landscaping and even changing air filters typically falls in a homeowner’s hands. Do you prefer to have someone else handle these things? We may need to consider maintenance free living, which could mean larger HOA (Homeowners Association) fee. Trust us, when we ask you fifty questions about your lifestyle and criteria in the initial buyer consultation. We want to align you with the appropriate homes for you! 

    Are you ready to commit?
    Our buyer specialists are here to empower you through the home buying process. You will be educated every step of the process ensuring that you are never wondering, “what’s next?” Set up your appointment with us to map out your goal of homeownership today!

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