The Vining Group at Keller Williams – Why hire a Realtor?

    This might be the most asked question – and if it isn’t asked – most people have thought about it so many times even though they never verbalized it.  And here goes – let’s say it together – Do I really need to hire a Realtor to assist with my transaction?

    Yes.  The answer is always yes.  Let me repeat – yes.  

    But no matter how many times you hear it, you still ask the question and still wonder – do I really need to hire a Realtor?  (the answer is still yes)

    I feel like I can share a unique perspective on this topic, because before becoming a Realtor, I purchased a home without using a Realtor.  And thinking back on it now I can still feel the stress creeping up in my chest.  I can close my eyes and go right back to that moment of panic – when I was so stressed out and fed up with the process that I almost walked away from my dream home.

    The transaction started pretty smooth – heard a townhouse in my dream neighborhood was coming available – found the phone number for the owner – called and set up an appointment to view it – and asked what she was selling it for.  Wow – pretty easy so far.

    I called the next day and said I wanted to make an offer on the townhouse.  Great, right?  Well, not so fast!  Here comes the first sign I was in trouble – the response I received was “great – send over your offer contract.”  The seller wasn’t using a Realtor either – but was a lawyer I soon found out – and wanted an official contract.  (Now it should be stated that prior to purchasing this townhouse, I had only purchased directly from a builder for an uptown condo – more on that story another day! – and had no experience knowing what a real estate transaction looked like).

    Hmmmmm – now what do I do?  Wait – I am a smart person – simple google search landed me a North Carolina Offer to Purchase contract.  “I can do this” I kept telling myself as I calmed down a second and started reading words on a page that I had no clue what they meant.  Due Diligence.  Earnest Money.  Inspection.  Appraisal.  Contingent.  Closing Attorney – wait how do I pick a closing attorney?  Someone help!

    At this point I took a deep breath – filled in as many blanks that I could figure out – and sent an offer that somehow got accepted.  Pretty sure it was so bad that the seller was probably laughing, but yay, I had a new house.  But wait – there were a lot of steps between contract accepted and the closing table that I soon found out.

    And as not to bore you – let me just paint the picture – each of those steps had me laying in the floor crying and at one point ready to walk away from my dream home.  I was incredibly lucky to have an amazing lender that helped talk me off a ledge a few times – but I had no clue where to find a home inspector, I was naive enough to send the entire inspection report to the seller and tell them to fix everything, and when the closing attorney sent me the HUD to review prior to closing I thought I was reading Greek.

    Somehow I managed to close on my dream home without the use of a Realtor, but I am pretty sure it caused me to lose a few years off my life due to the stress and ended up costing me more money than I thought I was saving (because the seller would not pay Realtor fees and they were coming out of my pocket).

    The moral of this story is that in most cases you can’t afford not to use a Realtor.  No matter the circumstances or how much of a subject matter expert you may be from HGTV, the value of a Realtor helping you in your transaction is priceless.  We are here to guide you along the way, answer any questions you have about the process, keep you moving to the closing table, and provide valuable resources (like home inspection companies, how to negotiate repairs, who to use for repairs, what to bring to the closing table, etc.).

    But the biggest thing we bring to the table in my opinion – peace of mind.  Realtors allow you to focus on what is important in your life – moving on to your next chapter – while we worry about all the details. We keep up with the timeline of events, things that need to be done, when they need to be done, and how to get them done.  And we know all those words in the Offer to Purchase contract and can explain them in real words so you understand (so you don’t have to rely on google like I did!).

    So let’s end with the same question…. Do I really need to hire a Realtor?  And everyone together now say it with me…. Y. E. S!




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