The Vining Group Presents: Cost VS Value 2017

    Daily we are asked, “Should we replace or remodel?” Our response is nearly always the same, “That’s a loaded question…let’s break it down and get specific.”

    In this market, most buyers are seeking move-in ready homes (i.e., new carpet/flooring, freshly painted walls in a neutral palette and clean, clean, clean!). TRULY! Homes with these updates WILL sell/rent your home faster and depending on the color palette it will likely get you more than a 100% return on your investment.

    Recently we listed a home in South Charlotte.  The market dictated that it was willing to pay $165K ‘as is’ (it was in great shape).  But with a little paint color change on a few walls, painting the kitchen cabinets White Dove (Sherwin Williams) and staging we received several offers to purchase at $5K, $10K and two at more than $30K OVER asking price.  Yes, TWO offers at $200K.  And all of this the first weekend on the market.

    But what about the bigger projects?  Do I need to renovate my kitchen?  We were thinking about adding a deck to the back yard?  Our garage door is broken, should I fix/replace before going on the market?

    Well, look no further!  The 2017 Cost VS Value report compares average cost for 29 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale.  Local to Charlotte?  Here is your report.

    Our team LOVES diving deeper into what it takes to get homes ready for top dollar quick.  Here to serve your needs anyway we can.  704-258-3117


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